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New Simon's Cat video explains what to do if you've lost your cat.

If your moggy has ever gone walkabout, you’ll know it can be a stressful time not knowing where they are or whether they’re safe.

Many cats will often wander off and return again with no trouble, but sometimes they’ll need some help finding their way home.

In the latest Simon’s Cat Logic video, Simon tells the story of his black cat Teddy, who went missing for three days. It was a distressing time for all involved but after a dramatic rescue the story thankfully ended with a happy reunion.

Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager, Nicky Trevorrow also appears in the video, offering helpful advice on what to do if your own cat goes missing.

The main thing to do is stay positive and never give up as your cat could still return even if they’ve been gone for a while.

To increase the chances of finding them again, it’s a good idea to get your cat microchipped. This simple and safe procedure will mean that if anyone finds your beloved moggy, a quick scan will reveal your contact details so they can let you know where they are.

To find out more top tips, watch the video below…


For more advice on what to do when your cat goes missing, read our lost cat advice.

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