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Why cats have a territory – Simon's Cat video reveals all.

Cats are usually keen on having their own space and so are not too happy when another moggy invades their territory. This is something Simon Tofield knows all too well, as his cats would often argue with Jazz, the big fuffy kitty from next door, whenever they crossed his path.

In the latest Simon’s Cat Logic video, Simon explains how Jazz became his moggies’ arch-nemesis as they faced off about who’s land was who’s. Then, when they moved house, another character arrived on the scene – a big ginger tom with a habit of peering through the cat flap and driving Simon’s cats crazy.

In the video, Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow is on hand to explain the reason behind cats’ territorial behaviour and how rubbing, scratching and spraying helps them avoid unwanted contact with their neighbours. She also provides some helpful advice on how you can make sure your cat feels safe and happy in their own territory and reduce the risk of them fighting with the other cats they come across.

You can then watch a new animation in which Simon’s Cat inadvertently makes him jump while watching a scary movie and then gets scared himself while wrestling with a vacuum cleaner!


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