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Cat survives 12 days in ship container from Israel – can she start her new adventure in the UK with you?

A cat who snuck into a container on a cargo ship from Israel and survived a 12-day journey without food or water is looking for a new home on British soil.

Izzy the tortoiseshell kitty, who is thought to be around a year old, was discovered in the container when it arrived in Southampton in April.

tortoiseshell cat inside cat hide

Following a four-month quarantine stay, the globe-trotting moggy is now being cared for at Cats Protection’s Newbury Adoption Centre while she waits to find a new owner.

Thea Eld, the centre’s deputy manager, said: “Izzy is quite a shy cat, and we think she must have been a street cat in Israel – used to being around people, but not being handled.

“We’ll never know her full story, but it’s most likely she snuck into the container looking for food or somewhere cosy to sleep, and ended up getting locked in. It’s quite remarkable that she survived for so long without food or water in what must have been very uncomfortable conditions.

“She’s definitely an independent girl, and she’d suit a home where she can have plenty of outdoor space. It may be that she’ll prefer to spend most of her time outdoors at first, but once she gets settled, she may well begin to come inside the home.

“Izzy’s been through a lot, so we’d love to see her go to a home with a patient owner who can give her the stable home she needs after such a turbulent few months.”

To find out more about offering a home to Izzy, please call 01635 200 111 or email  

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