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What it's really like being a cat parent.

Reality is, being a cat parent isn’t always as glam as it appears. For every Instagram post with a cute kitty staring at the camera, there’s a whole camera roll of outtakes – usually involving shots of a cat walking away. There’s no denying that our feline pals have their own unique character traits.

We love them for it, which is why we thought it was time to reveal some of the realities of being a cat parent. Which ones do you identify with?


Dream: Cats are perfect for buying presents for

Reality: They won’t use half of what you get them


Anyone who has ever bought a new toy will be all too familiar with the nature of their feline. They are particular in their tastes and we appreciate them for it.


Dream: You’ll always have someone to greet you at the end of a long day

Reality: They’ll greet you on their terms


Instead, you might find yourself greeting your cat as it arrives home through the cat flap – a good hour after you’ve settled yourself indoors.


Dream: They’ll rest all nicely curled up on your lap

Reality: They’ll sleep wherever they are comfiest


You might notice that if your kitty really loves being close to you, they don’t have a concept of personal space. Whether that means climbing on your head when it’s close to breakfast time, or lounging around on your feet.


Dream: Cats will sleep at night and play during the day

Reality: They’ll do quite the opposite!


Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during twilight. So while you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday lie-in, they’ll be up and about. And during the day when you want to play? You’ll get a few minutes with the fishing rod toy before they head off for a snooze.


Dream: They’ll enhance your Instagram grid with their cuteness

Reality: Whip out your phone and they turn into the most camera-shy creatures ever


Anyone who has tried to capture their cat’s cuteness will be disappointed to find that the minute a camera is pointed at them, they always seem to move/leave the room/turn around. Well, who can blame them when a strange inanimate object is placed in front of them?


While cat ownership isn’t always a dream experience, it’s their little quirks that really bring joy. Are there any unexpected realities of being a cat parent that make you smile? Let us know by tweeting us @CatsProtection.

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