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Can you offer a home to any of these Tyneside cats, helping to free up space for the centre to care for more moggies needing our help?

Our Tyneside Adoption Centre finds itself at capacity, with an ever-growing waiting list of cats requiring help.

The centre has space for over 50 cats at any one time but there is always a waiting list for cats to come into care, meaning any slowdown in rehoming could lead to other cats having to live in unsuitable conditions for longer.

“The demand on our services is enormous at present,” said Deputy Adoption Centre Manager Kezzie Paxton. “We only have so much space to house homeless cats, so until cats are adopted out we cannot take in any more.

“Although taking on a cat is a big commitment, we urge anyone thinking of adoption to take a look at the cats we have available – there might just be the perfect cat for your home.”


black-and-white cat lying down

Ten-year-old Lola has had a lot to contend with since she came into the care of the centre.

On admission, the black-and-white beauty was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, an illness that affects cats' metabolism and can have debilitating or distressing symptoms including increased appetite and thirst, weight loss, hyperactivity, vomiting and diarrhoea.

She underwent two operations to correct the problem and after two months of recuperation she was back on her paws and ready to be adopted.

The team at the centre were delighted when she found a new home, only for her to be returned four days later when the new owner suffered a severe allergic reaction.

Four months later, Lola is still searching for a new family that can see past her being an older cat, and appreciate her affectionate ways, which can see her easily won over with the promise of a treat and a tickle.


tabby-and-white cat lying on top of scratch post

Three-year-old Sprout has found himself back at the centre, having first been brought in at just five weeks old after being discovered in a garden. An independent cat, Sprout needs a patient owner who will allow him the time to become comfortable in his new surroundings, and while he loves attention he isn’t one for hanging around for a stroke.


black-and-white cat lying on wooden floor

Six-year-old Ted is one of a number of cats admitted to the centre following the sad deaths of their owners. A resident since May, he has made himself an army of admirers as he demands a head rub from his fans.

Lucky and Louie

long-haired black catLucky

Ten-year-old Lucky and nine-year-old Louie came in when their owner passed away. They have such a strong bond that they need to stay together.

“These two are like peas in a pod and have such great characters,” said Kezzie. “The vet has warned that they need to cut back on the treats as they are both rather large and any further weight increase could lead to obesity-related issues. We will be able to advise any potential adopter on the best way to keep their weight under control.

ginger-and-white long-haired catLouie

“Louie is particularly furry so will need someone to make sure he is kept well-groomed especially around those difficult to reach areas like his portly tummy! After four months in care, this pair really do deserve to find their furever home.”


long-haired brown tabby cat

Rosie came in with Lucky and Louie but is a more independent lady and will be best homed on her own. She loves nothing more than a bit of chicken and a sunny spot to spend her days, and is known to lavish affection to anyone who brushes her.

To enquire about adopting any of the cats at the Tyneside Adoption Centre visit their website or call 0191 653 1052.

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