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About Apricot

Lovely Apricot came into our care as she was found straying and heavily pregnant. She gave birth to five beautiful kittens on 3rd August 2021 and she is a fantastic mum. Apricot is very sweet, affectionate and loves a fuss. The kitten details are as follows: Avocado - Dark Tortoiseshell female Apple - Dark Tortoiseshell female with a ginger face Almond - Ginger male Asparagus - Black male Anchovy - Black female

Apricot is...

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Cat Name

Calinda and Eliana - 08 Jul 2021

Cute Calinda and awesome Eliana sadly found their way into our care after being rescued from a large, neglectful, multi-cat household situation. The mother and daughter pair were unfortunately found to have quite advanced and progressive tumours in their ears which they have both had to undergo total ear canal ablation surgery to resolve. Both Calinda and Eliana have had one ear operated on each at this stage. However Eliana still requires the same surgery on her other ear. Both cats have been absolute stars throughout their ordeal and have been purring and kneading their way through their post-operative care. Calinda and Eliana really are two big characters with their bat-like ears and their super personalities to match. They have become a real hit with both staff and volunteers alike here at the Belfast Adoption Centre and we have no doubt they will make fantastic companion cats for some lucky adopter out there in time.

Cat Name

Georgia - 17 Aug 2021

Gorgeous Georgia is a wonderful mum to Dylan, a male tabby, and Anna, a black female. They are currently around 4 weeks old and are doing well, learning to play and find their paws! The trio found their way into our care when their previous owner could no longer cope with the large multi cat household she had. Georgia is still a little wary around us but she is gaining in confidence each day.

Cat Name

Mr Kipling - 22 Sep 2021

Mr Kipling is a lovely mature boy that was found living as a stray. He was in very poor condition and was handed in to our local vets, sadly no owner could be found. He is friendly but is better described as a very independent boy, who is very food orientated.

Cat Name

Pringle - 08 Sep 2021

Precious Pringle is a lovely gentle older lady who loves nothing more than attention and fuss! She is quite fond of being groomed so would love this in her new home. She is an all-round loveable lady and would be a perfect companion cat. She is quite a playful girl who loves a bit of catnip! She is an energetic lady for her age and would suit a loving family in a pet free home, possibly with children pending a slow introduction. Pringle would love a garden to potter around in and sunbathe in for her twilight years.

Cat Name

Mila - 16 Sep 2021

Marvellous Mila came to us after developing challenging behaviours such as scratching and biting in her previous home. We think she was originally sold online as a part Maine Coon kitten and before the recommended 10 weeks which could have contributed to her behaviour. Since coming into our care she has been on a behaviour plan including clicker training and has made huge progress. She is a very intelligent cat and enjoys a lot of interaction with her care team. Mila likes treats as a reward for her pointer training but dislikes being overstimulated and loud noises.

Simon's Cat supports Cats Protection Sponsorship

In celebration of our special relationship, Cats Protection has teamed up with Simon’s Cat! They love our cat sponsorship scheme so much that they have decided to support all of our Cat Sponsorship pens by giving them a Simon's Cat style makeover. Cats Protection is delighted to work with Simon’s Cat and we thank them for their support.

Who is Simon's Cat?

Simon’s Cat is a loveable, charming, yet mischievous cat that lives with his long suffering owner – Simon. Simon’s Cat made his first appearance online, in a film called Cat Man Do in 2008, made by animator and illustrator, Simon Tofield. Since then this well-known feline has appeared in over 100 short films, books, games and comic strips to name a few.

Q:Will I help just one cat? A:No, you 'll help lots! As a Cats Protection Sponsor you'll sponsor a pen at one of our adoption centres. So whenever we rehome a cat that's being cared for in your pen, we will update you and tell you about their new forever home.

Then a new cat in need will take their place and we will introduce you to that cat as well. Over time you will be able to help cat after cat, and you will also be able to look back at all the cats you have sponsored in your personal sponsor area.

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