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Gorgeous Oscar came into our care when his previous owners had to move and could not take him to the new property. Oscar arrived with very sore itchy skin for which he is currently receiving treatment and is responding well, but in addition to this our vets have advised he has a condition called ‘Entropian’. This is a condition where the eyelid turns inwards which can cause redness, irritation and pain, as well as light sensitivity, uncomfortable discharge, and at times damage to the corneal itself. There is surgery available to correct this which involves a vet removing a piece of skin and setting the eyelid to the correct position. Oscar will be getting this surgery before he finds his forever home. Even living with these conditions Oscar is very sweet natured and he is always at his happiest having cuddles. Oscar is always there to greet us at his door whenever we go into his pen and likes us to sit on the floor so he can get onto our laps for cuddles and lots of fuss all day. We all take it in turns to have our Oscar cuddles to keep up with his demands! Once Oscar is ready we will be looking for a forever home where he can spend his days snoozing on a lap or two!

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Cat Name

Whitney - 23 Feb 2021

Wonderful Whitney is a quiet but sweet natured cat, she sadly found herself in our care because her previous owner has dementia and has now moved into full time care. When Whitney was first admitted she was withdrawn and very shy. Whitney is more settled in the centre now and is now enjoying attention and fuss but we do avoid her head as she is not keen on that being touched. It was discovered that Whitney has a thyroid condition that had not been medicated for some time, she is now on the correct medication and her progress is being closely monitored but our vet team. Whitney's current favourite place is her soft fluffy bed.

Cat Name

Tigger - 10 Feb 2021

Terrific Tigger has been through a lot in his short life so far. Before Tigger came into our care he was clipped by a car, sadly sustaining a bad fracture to his rear leg and some nerve damage. Tigger’s leg had been internally fixated to repair the fracture but sadly his owner’s situation changed and they could no longer cope so Tigger was taken into our care. It is our hope that with lots of TLC and physiotherapy he will regain full use of the leg again. However Tigger’s situation is still very much in the balance and if his leg becomes more of a hindrance than a help then we may have to consider amputation. That said, we are giving Tigger a real fighting chance and every opportunity to fully recover. Whatever happens we will have Tigger’s best interests in heart! Tigger is a real sweetheart and has taken all the upset and turmoil in his stride. Tigger is finally getting the chance to live out the few months he has missed of his kitten-hood and is enjoying rolling and playing about with his knitted toy mice!

Cat Name

Pennie - 28 Jan 2021

Perfect Pennie had been staying in a boarding cattery due to her owners ill health, then came into our care after her owner sadly died. At 12 years of age she is in the prime of her life, and has clearly been looked after well in her past, but now needs to find a new place to call home, hopeful one to spend her retirement in. She has been a little shy of us since coming in as she's gone through a lot of change in her life recently, but just needs some time to learn her new family will treat her well and she can finally settle down and put her paws up, knowing she won't be moving again.

Cat Name

Millie - 28 Jan 2021

Marvellous Millie is just the most sweet and affectionate girl, we think from her colouring and fur she is a Selkirk Rex type of cat. Millie is such a loving girl; she is always up for a fuss and a cuddle, accompanying it all with the cutest purr! Millie found herself in our care when her previous owner's circumstances changed. Millie was first with one of our Cats Protection branches and then made the transfer to the National Cat Adoption centre due to needing medical attention from our on site vet team. Millie is such a loving girl, she is always up for a fuss and a cuddle accompanying it all with the cutest purr! Our mature lady has had a tough time recently Millie had to have extensive ear surgery to remove polyps this is what Emily one of the cat care team told us about what Millie had done ''Millie had ceruminous gland hyperplasia blocking both ears, which is a condition we sometimes see in older cats. It causes infections to get trapped in the ear as air and fluid can’t flow which causes pain and discomfort. We performed a total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla osteotomy, which is an operation to remove the entire ear canal and scrape out infection in the inner ear. It leaves her deaf, but finally pain free.'' This is also why Millie's ears are now all floppy, however despite all this she is as friendly as ever and it certainly does not slow her down as she still enjoys a good play with her toys! Millie will be looking for an adult only home with no other pets, meaning she can be centre of attention! This gorgeous lady has only ever lived as an indoor cat and would be happy to do so in the future as long as there were plenty of toys and activities to keep her entertained, however with a suitable transition she could potentially be introduced to the outside world in a secure garden with her forever humans by her side.

Cat Name

Ponyo and Podge - 10 Feb 2021

Perfect Ponyo (Black) and Podge (Black and white) are the sweetest pair that sadly found their way into our care when their owner emigrated. Both girls are engaging, enjoy playing and lots of attention. We want Ponyo and Podge find their forever home together as they do enjoy spending a lot of time together. Ponyo has a slight skin irritation around her eyes but is responding to treatment really well. Both girls love snoozing in their round fluffy beds which came in over Christmas from our Amazon wish list. We hope that Ponyo and Podge's forever home is just round the corner with a comfortable sofa to share with their new family.

Simon's Cat supports Cats Protection Sponsorship

In celebration of our special relationship, Cats Protection has teamed up with Simon’s Cat! They love our cat sponsorship scheme so much that they have decided to support all of our Cat Sponsorship pens by giving them a Simon's Cat style makeover. Cats Protection is delighted to work with Simon’s Cat and we thank them for their support.

Who is Simon's Cat?

Simon’s Cat is a loveable, charming, yet mischievous cat that lives with his long suffering owner – Simon. Simon’s Cat made his first appearance online, in a film called Cat Man Do in 2008, made by animator and illustrator, Simon Tofield. Since then this well-known feline has appeared in over 100 short films, books, games and comic strips to name a few.

Q:Will I help just one cat? A:No, you 'll help lots! As a Cats Protection Sponsor you'll sponsor a pen at one of our adoption centres. So whenever we rehome a cat that's being cared for in your pen, we will update you and tell you about their new forever home.

Then a new cat in need will take their place and we will introduce you to that cat as well. Over time you will be able to help cat after cat, and you will also be able to look back at all the cats you have sponsored in your personal sponsor area.

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