Adopting Scaredy Cats

Hidden in dark corners and often overlooked, our shy and nervous cats need an extra helping of love and patience in order to coax them out of their shells, but a sensitive approach can reap huge rewards.

Shyness can be inherited, but it may also be caused by a lack of contact with humans from a young age and past experiences that have left the cat fearful. Timid cats will retreat into hiding places and show visual signs of fear, such as cowering or cringing when you go near them, dilated pupils and flattened ears.

It’s important to take things slowly with an anxious cat. Provide refuges around the house in high, dark places. Give your cat plenty of time to pluck up the courage to approach you and do not force an interaction. With kindness, patience and sensitivity, you can help turn a scaredy cat into a friendly feline!

Rosie & Jimmy were two such cats, they came in to the centre as their previous owner had become too ill to look after them and it was with much sadness she asked us to find them a new home.

For almost two months they spent their time scared and huddled up together away from prying eyes just hiding out of sight. They had not adjusted well to being at the centre and were going to need lots of time and patience to help them settle. That’s if they allowed anyone to meet them.