Homing an Older Cat

Have you ever thought about homing an older cat?

We always have older cats looking for loving homes, and sadly, they seem to stay with us far longer than kittens or young adults. But, older cats do have advantages:

- Their temperament is more settled - it is easier to see what kind of cat you are getting
- They are not quite so active as younger cats, making them more suitable for quiet and / or indoor homes

Homing an older cat can be a rewarding experience, and a senior kittizen can still provide years of pleasure and companionship. So if you can open your heart and home to an older cat (and provide laps for them to sit on) then do get in touch with us.

N.B. Some adopters may be concerned about older cats being more likely to need ongoing veterinary treatment. We will always fully discuss a cats known medication history, and in some cases may be able to cover some costs.