Mature Moggies!

Based on local figures cats aged 11 and over can sometimes spend months with our fosterers waiting to be adopted - four times longer than kittens.

When questioned recently, 23% of respondents say they would consider any cat aged over 5 years as ‘older’, whereas that moggy is only 36 in human years and a cat generally isn’t classed as ‘older’ until it reaches 11 years of age.

So why adopt an older cat?

-       Older cats are calmer and like company

-       They are more homely and less likely to roam about

-       They are more of a family member

-       Their characters are formed – so you can identify which cat suits you.

Cats Protection says improvements in cat care have greatly raised the life expectancy and quality of life for household moggies, with many now living into their late teens and early 20s in remarkably good health.

Check out the poster and have a look at our website and Facebook page to see the beautiful cats we currently have who are waiting for their fur-ever home.

All cats adopted from Cats Protection have been fully health-checked and come with a full medical history and four weeks’ free pet insurance which also covers new conditions.

Theresa Langford, Branch Co-ordinator says: “It’s a shame that older cats stay with us longer as they have a lot to offer. Their characters are fully formed and they’re less likely to scale the curtains or knock your ornaments off the shelf. Older cats can often still be quite playful when they choose to be and many enjoy a few short games each day.”

If you are interested in adopting a mature moggie, please contact the branch on 01353 468134