Setting up for your new cat

Preparation is everything .....

Before bringing your cat home - start thinking about the needs of your cat and preparing for his arrival – his fosterer will have given you the following advice during the home visit which will help to ensure a positive experience for you both from the start.

Territory is vital to cats, so set aside a dedicated, secure room. You will need:-

An area for food and water, not too close together

A litter tray – at least one placed in a private place away from his food and water

Choice of suitable places to sleep

Somewhere to hide – an upturned box with a hole in the side, an enclosed igloo bed or simply a space under a bed

Scratching post

Toys and space to play

Somewhere to observe everything from – cats feel more relaxed if they can look out or down from a height, so make use of a chest of drawers or shelves

Scent – cats rely heavily on their sense of smell and will settle more quickly if their new home smells familiar. Leaving an item of clothing or a towel from your home with the cat before collecting him will help him get used to your scent. By the time you collect him, it will have a mixture of his and your scent; pop it in a plastic bag to transport home, keeping away from any other pets.

Food – the cat’s fosterer will tell you about his preferred diet whether wet or dry or both and flavour preferences. To help the settling in process, it’s best to stick to this advice as a sudden change of diet might cause diarrhoea or sickness as will the overuse of treats – don’t overdose on Dreamies!

Water – contrary to popular belief, cats don’t need cream or milk as their digestive systems can’t process it, so WATER ONLY please, ideally filtered.

Litter - most of our foster cats are used to wood based cat litter pellets so we recommend that you continue with this to avoid any accidents. If a cat has been used to another type of litter, his fosterer will inform you. Cats are fastidious about their toileting habits and don’t like a sudden change which is why we re-home them with a small bag of ‘used’ litter to put in their new tray.

Transport – you will need a secure carrier/basket in which to take your cat home - a cardboard box is not strong enough!

And lastly – have fun and enjoy life with your new furry friend! We’d love to have photo updates of them settled in to their new home.