Welcome Home

Welcome home .....

Take the cat, still in the carrier, to the room you’ve prepared; put down some food, biscuits and water.

Before letting your cat out of the carrier, make sure the cat flap is locked, ideally cover it so that he doesn’t know it’s there, check all windows and doors are securely closed – a determined cat will squeeze through the tiniest of openings! Ensure that family and friends know of the new arrival and don’t provide an escape route; probably a good idea not to have a grand ‘Welcome Home’ party either! Let your cat come out of the carrier on his own – don’t attempt to pull him out.

The first few hours after bringing your cat home can really affect how well he accepts his new life with you. First and foremost, be patient and never try to rush your cat into doing things he’s not ready for, give him plenty of time to adjust. Leave him alone for a while to explore the room and settle. When you enter the room, get down on his level, hold out a hand and call his name, let him come to you. If he chooses to hide, just sit nearby, talking to him gently; a shy cat may not want to come out and eat, so just ensure that the food and water are near him and changed if not eaten.

Let your cat get used to new areas of the house slowly, always able to return to his ‘safe’ room.

Until your cat seems completely confident

  • Do not try picking him up or carrying him around; not all cats enjoy being picked up
  • Do not try grooming him
  • Do not leave him alone with other pets before they’ve been properly introduced
  • Do not worry if your cat doesn’t eat, drink or use the litter tray for a day or so

Above all, please give your cat TIME. Don’t expect to see immediate results – some settle within a couple of hours but most take days, weeks or even months

Keeping your new cat in .....

Do not let your cat out for at least 3-4 weeks (even if you think they’ve settled in well!); if you do, it’s likely you’ll never see them again. If you’ve adopted a timid or nervous cat, you may need to keep them in for longer.

Kittens, due to their size and vulnerability, should not be let out before being neutered, any time between 4 and 6 months and only then under supervision.

And remember – if you have any concerns, then please ring us – 0345 371 2753