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About Clementine

Lovely Clementine came into our care as a stray and heavily pregnant, on the 15th October Clementine gave birth to four beautiful healthy kittens. We have named her kittens Mandarin a male who is tabby and white, Satsuma is a female who is tabby and white, Tangerine is a male who is black and white and Orange who is a female and a tabby. Clementine has taken to motherhood wonderfully, she is so proud of her kittens and loves showing them off when staff go into her pen. Despite being a stray Clementine is very affectionate and loves being groomed and having cuddles, the only thing she is slightly cautious of is men but once she learns to trust them she will ask for lots of cuddle as our male staff members have found out. Clementine enjoys her food and we are making sure she eating well and getting plenty of rest so she can care for her kittens.

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Cat Name

Willow - 08 Sep 2020

Wonderful Willow found herself at our centre when her previous owner could no longer cope with her and her sister. Willow was heavily pregnant when she arrived and she gave birth on 24 August 2020. Willow has five beautiful kittens Winter a female tabby; Wilder, a female tabby; Whitney, a female dark tabby; Waldo, a male tabby and Wyatt, a black- and-white male. Willow is an extremely affectionate young lady who loves being stroked. She is very trusting and is happy for her carers to help with her kittens and has beautiful marking.

Cat Name

Tyler - 14 Oct 2020

Top Tyler is such a handsome friendly young chap. Tyler found his way into our care after his owner sadly became to ill to care for him. Tyler has a heart murmur and degenerative heart disease however Tyler’s heart condition doesn’t hold him back at all and he is always full of beans and fun! Tyler loves to play and gets up to all sorts of mischief in his pen, including attacking and hiding a number of knitted mice in his pen! Tyler is a real flirt with all the Belfast A.C. staff and volunteers and can often be found hanging upside down on his scratching tower giving his best ‘shower me with affection’ eyes to all who will listen!

Cat Name

Oddsy - 09 Oct 2020

Odds & Sods came into our care when his previous owner became too ill to care for him. When he arrived he had nasty sunburn to his ears and face, and is currently undergoing treatment as he recovers from this. Oddsy is a really lovely, friendly chap who loves and fuss, a lap to warm, and to be around people. As you might notice he has very unique eyes with one being blue and one being yellow. He is a very chatty boy, but also super patient and very good at having his face washed, which we are currently needing to do as part of his treatment plan. Oddsy is not ready for homing as yet as the next step in his recovery plan will be going to the vets for a much needed dental when he is ready. When ready for homing, we know Oddsy is going to make a really lovely addition to a household, and as well as being a cat willing and eager to be everyone’s new best friend.

Cat Name

Maisey - 08 Sep 2020

Marvellous Maisey is a shy girl to start with but once she gets to know you she is such a sweet girl who likes a little fuss but not too much, she can be a little nervous but she loves to sit on your lap and she is inquisitive to her environment. Maisey still needs to lose a few pounds, let's call it her Lockdown Weight! Sadly Maisey found herself in our care when her previous owner passed away, she is not keen on other cats, dogs or children but we know her perfect forever home is not too far away.

Cat Name

Ryder - 19 Aug 2020

Lovely Ryder is just the most handsome, friendly young chap. Ryder's hearing is not great and it is thought he might be almost totally deaf but this does not mean he lets that gets him down, Ryder is energetic and loves to play especially with all the wonderful toys donated via the Glasgow adoption centres Amazon wish list. Ryder does have a grade two heart murmur, again this does not stop him doing anything but does need to be monitored and looked after accordingly. Ryder was able to go out in his previous home so we will be looking for that perfect home with a secure garden and away from busy roads to allow Ryder his freedom to roam and snooze in the sun but to keep him safe especially with his hearing loss. All his carers at the centre love spending time with Ryder, he is always happy to have lots of attention, cuddles and play time.

Simon's Cat supports Cats Protection Sponsorship

In celebration of our special relationship, Cats Protection has teamed up with Simon’s Cat! They love our cat sponsorship scheme so much that they have decided to support all of our Cat Sponsorship pens by giving them a Simon's Cat style makeover. Cats Protection is delighted to work with Simon’s Cat and we thank them for their support.

Who is Simon's Cat?

Simon’s Cat is a loveable, charming, yet mischievous cat that lives with his long suffering owner – Simon. Simon’s Cat made his first appearance online, in a film called Cat Man Do in 2008, made by animator and illustrator, Simon Tofield. Since then this well-known feline has appeared in over 100 short films, books, games and comic strips to name a few.

Q:Will I help just one cat? A:No, you 'll help lots! As a Cats Protection Sponsor you'll sponsor a pen at one of our adoption centres. So whenever we rehome a cat that's being cared for in your pen, we will update you and tell you about their new forever home.

Then a new cat in need will take their place and we will introduce you to that cat as well. Over time you will be able to help cat after cat, and you will also be able to look back at all the cats you have sponsored in your personal sponsor area.

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