Importance of Microchipping

From June 2024, all pet cats need to be microchipped by law.  If your cat isnt microchipped, you will be given 21 days to get your cat microchipped or face a fine of up to £500 if you dont comply.

Microchipping has so many benefits, if it has happened to you then you will know first-hand how stressful it is - for you and the cat - when it goes missing.  Your cat could go missing for hours, days, months or even years! We've all read the heartwarming stories of cats being reunited with their owners, sometimes after considerable time. 

With a microchip
  • Lost or injured cats can be quickly reunited with its owner. 
  • Microchips don’t come off, or put cats at risk of collar-related injuries. 
  • If you ever get into a dispute about the ownership of a cat, the presence of a microchip registered in your name may count in your favour. 
  • Your cat will be able to use the latest chip-controlled cat flaps and feeding bowls, ensuring that only your cat can gain access to your house and / or food.
  • Your cat will not have to be found a new home when it already has a loving, caring home and you are desperately missing your beloved pet. 
REMEMBER: it is vitally important that you keep the microchip details up-to-date, especially the details about where you live. Sadly, many cats are never reunited with their owners because they have moved house and no-one knows where they now live. 

Without a microchip

  • Vets might not be able to find out who the owner is when they are treating cats who have been found injured.
  • Even worse, if a cat does not survive his injuries or is dead when brought into the surgery, then the owner may never know what became of their beloved pet.
  • The Council may not be able to find out the owner if the cat has been killed in a road accident. 
  • The owner spends time going around the neighbourhood, calling on people and putting up posters. 
  • The owner relies on the person who found the cat to put up posters and make an effort to find who the owner is. Or relying on them to see posters put up by the owner and responding to it
  • The owner worries about where their beloved pet is, whether it's hurt and in pain, etc
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