Put a plan in place for your cat - our Cat Guardian's Service

The Cat Guardian's service is a free-of-charge service available to cat owners in the UK, offering peace of mind that in the event of their death, their cat will be cared for and rehomed.

After registering to the service, registrants will receive a confirmation pack containing a wallet card and information document to let others know that they are registered and would like their cats to come to Cats Protection in the event of their death, as well as a key fob and window sticker which can be used to alert people to the fact they are a cat owner.

Once we are notified that a registrant has passed away, we are able to swiftly arrange for any cats they own to be brought in to one of our 32 adoption centres, or over 250 branches.  Our coverage of the UK means that we will always be able to find a space to take in the cat.  Once in our care, the cat will be cared for by our volunteers and staff until we find them a suitable, loving new home.

To register to the Cat Guardians service and put a plan in place for your cat, please visit www.cats.org.uk/catguardians or telephone 01825 741 291 to request a free information leaflet.

Although there is no charge for this service, many supporters do choose to remember Cats Protection in their wills. These special gifts fund more than half of everything we do to help cats and kittens across the UK. Above all, we rely on gifts in wills to help us keep the special promise that underpins all of our vital work:  that we will never put a healthy cat to sleep.