Timid Cats

Wellingborough & Rushden Cats Protection does a great deal of work with feral (wild) cats. Many of these feral cats are too old and set in their ways to be able to adapt to living with people but the feral kittens and the young feral cats who are still young enough, as well as the occasional adult cat that shows promise we will work carefully with and bring them round to the point where they are ready to be rehomed normally.

It is very rewarding work to be able to take kittens and cats from the wild and help them to be able to enjoy a better quality of life. There is no doubt that cats in domestic environments tend to lead healthier and longer lives than their wild counterparts.

It isn't easy work taming feral kittens and cats though, and the older they get the harder it becomes. Some of these ex-feral's will still retain a streak of wildness to them and this can sometimes manifest itself as timidity. Such cats are still suitable for homing but need quiet homes and patient understanding owners that are prepared to work a little bit extra towards building a good relationship with them.

Most of the home offers we receive are from people who are only interested in the cutest friendliest kittens and sadly the more timid ones who haven't had the easiest start in life are mostly overlooked.

An ex-feral will not make friends with people easily, yet when they do they are capable of forming the strongest attachments of all, usually to one or with just a few people. In our experience of working with all kinds of cats we are particularly fond of the ex-feral's, as we find that their wild streak often makes them the most interesting characters of all.

We are always in need of homes for these extra special cats. If you are a patient and understanding cat lover and have a quiet home that you feel might be suitable for one of our ex-feral's, please get in touch.

But if for some reason a feral cat can not be tamed, we can put them back as they know their territory, but on some occasions, we have farms ringing us for them, they take care care of them to some degree, whilst the cats take care of their farms from rodents. Win win.