Microchip Details

Micro Chipping your Beloved Pet

Micro chipping your cat or kitten is absolutely essential should it go missing. If it is "chipped" we can re-unite you with your beloved pet as soon as it is found.

Every cat or kitten adopted from Cats Protection is micro chipped before adoption.

Unfortunately though some owners forget to keep their micro chip details up to date.

If you move and / or change your telephone number, PLEASE inform IDENTICHIP/PETLOG straightaway. This should be done at the same time as you inform your gas / electric / water / phone suppliers etc as it happens sometimes that when you move your crafty pet can "escape" just after and when it gets outside it is now in unfamiliar surroundings and anything could happen to it if it is not quickly found and re-united with you.

Lately we have had a number of found cats that are micro chipped but their owner's details are not up to date.
There we are thinking "we've got a chip, we've got an owner", but sadly we cannot contact them because the details are not up to date.

As your cat is a part of your family we're sure that you wouldn't want this to happen!

Another good tip is to register your MOBILE number and E-MAIL address as well as your land line number as these normally stay with you if you move.

So PLEASE, help your cat, yourself and Cats Protection by keeping your micro chip details up to date at all times.

=^..^=   Thank you   =^..^=