Helpful hints if you have LOST a cat

Contact all vets within a 20 mile radius of where you live - all vets hold a Lost and Found register, and ask the vets to display one of your leaflets or posters in their waiting room.

If your cat is microchipped then advise your microchip provider.

Enquire with neighbours who live to the front, side and rear of your property, asking them to look in their garages, sheds and any other buildings.

Create some leaflets to drop in letterboxes of the roads in and around your area, and make sure the leaflet contains your contact details, but do NOT include your address.  Do include a detailed description and photo of the cat, advise if it is neutered and microchipped and when and where the cat went missing

You could create some "missing cat" posters with a detailed description, and include a decent photo of the cat.

Try and place posters in your local Post Office, local shops / supermarkets and schools.  We recommend that you laminate the posters, if at all possible, so that they will last longer in the weather

Contact your local council to see if they have picked up a cat from the roadside, it really is better to know than to know nothing at all.  Councils keep records of any cats that have been collected, and retain identity information.

Please contact us on email with details of the cat, and attach a decent photo

You should also report to all of the following organisations that are also based in the Berkshire area:

Thames Valley Animal Welfare - tel 0118 947 9963

DBARC Wokingham Animal Rescue - tel 0118 934 1122

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (Old Windsor) - tel 01784 432929

RSPCA - Main tel no. 0300 123 4999 and follow instructions

CLAWS - tel 01189 341699

Don't give up hope, your cat could still very well come home!