Lost and Found Advice

Reporting a Lost Cat to Cats Protection

If you have already tried the advice on our Lost and Found page and want to report your cat as missing please contact us or email our lost and found volunteers on: lostandfound@canterbury.cats.org.uk. You will
be Lost and Found Checklistasked to provide the following information (if you can):
  • Short or long hair
  • Colour
  • Moggie or pedigree
  • Any distinguishing marks
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Name of cat
  • Neutered
  • Micro-chipped (please inform your microchip company that your cat is missing.  This will help vets and rescues)
  • Collar with details of colour
  • Where lost
  • Date last seen
  • Your name, address, telephone number and email (land line preferred)
  • A photograph if possible (jpeg please)
Download the Cats Protection "LOST YOUR CAT ADVICE SHEET" here it is well worth a read.  

Please email our lost and found volunteers on: lostandfound@canterbury.cats.org.uk.

We also advertising these on our facebook, please go to the link below it will take you directly to the relevant gallery.
For cats that are missing and lost: Click here.

For stray cats looking for their homes: Click here.

When you phone in to report a lost cat, these details are collated and sent out to vets, animal shelters and all the Cats Protection organisers in the area.  The branch Lost & Found Officer will contact you, and we will be able to help with advertising. This one call saves you a lot of time and trouble as you will not need to ring round. We also keep a database of lost and found cats, so if one turns up we may be able to match it.

You can download a "MISSING CAT" template poster here.

Found Cats

If you find a cat, please contact us phone 01227 686191 or email our lost and found officers at: lostandfound@canterbury.cats.org.uk.
We can advertise the cat as above, and we may be able to take it into care.  Please note that this may not always be possible, because room is very restricted. Numbers of other rescues are given below, if we cannot help, they may be able to.

Local Cat Rescue Telephone Numbers

Local Lost & Found registers as well as some very useful advice on what to do if you cat goes missing, can be found on the catchat website.

National Lost & Found registers

  • Petlog: to report a missing, microchipped cat: 0870 6066 751 
  • National RSPCA Helpline: 0300 1234 999
  • Missing Pets Bureau: 0800 0195 123
  • Pet Search UK: 0121 743 4133

How to minimise the chance of you cat becoming lost

Losing a cat can cause great heartache and these two actions can reduce this:
  1. Make sure your cat is neutered - If not they will roam and uneuterd males are much more likely to be injured due to traffic incidents. Neutering reduces fighting, more kittens and reduces the risk they may contract fatal diseases such as FIV. See our page on neutering; Cats Protection can help with the cost of neutering if you are on low income.
  2. Get your cat microchipped - This means instant identification if it is found and unlike a collar it cannot fall off. Remember to keep the address up to date if you move.

Sadly some cats succumb to the road and are die in road traffic accidents. We are working in conjunction with Canterbury City Council and Serco to collate any information about animals involved in collisions. Since 2009 the City Council has microchip scanners so any found animals are routinely scanned for chips. It does not help with the loss of a dearly loved cat (or any other animal) but at least it will give you peace of mind and closure.

Please help us keep our registers up to date by letting us know if your cat has been found.