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Transform your cat for National Black Cat Day 2021

Every year on 27 October, we celebrate the black and black-and-white cats who are so often overlooked for adoption, just because of their colour.

National Black Cat Day brings monochrome moggies into the spotlight, showing that they have just as many head bumps and purrs to give as their colourful counterparts.

black kitten in front of cushions

In 2019, we’re encouraging those who own these lovely kitties to join #TeamBlackCat or #TeamBlackAndWhiteCat so we can see which team shouts the loudest!

Pick a side and share your photos and videos with the team hashtag, as well as #BlackCatDay.

We don’t want the cats of other colours to feel left out though, so we’ve put together this handy guide to show you how you can turn your cat into a black cat for the day.


Add a filter 

black and white photo of tabby and white cat

Among the many filters available on apps such as Instagram, you’ll find some particularly stylish black and white ones. Take a snap of your cat and then add one of these effects to instantly turn them into a monochrome moggy! Don’t forget to share the shot with us using #BlackCatDay!


Shoot them in silhouette 

photo of a cat in silhouette

Another fantastic photography trick you can try is backlighting your kitty so they appear in silhouette. Place a bright lamp behind them and then take a photo to just capture their shadowy outline. Now share it online to join the fun!


Wear sunglasses 

tortoiseshell cat with monochrome filter

While the first two tips will only turn your cat black in photos, this one will have a live effect. Find some glasses with a black and white filter effect and put them on whenever you look at your kitty. Not only will you be joining a black cat team, you’ll also look super cool in the process!


Turn off the lights 

low light photo of tabby cat

With a simple flick of a switch, you can easily make your cat appear black. All cats look black in the dark, and with their excellent low light vision, they won’t mind the change in conditions. You may need to take extra precautions not to bump into things though.


Stand far away 

black and white photo of tabby and white cat in long grass

Putting a bit of distance between you and your kitty will also help their colour fade, as they simply become a fuzzy faraway shape. They may even appreciate a bit of space, but the effect will soon wear off when they hear a cat food packet opening.

If you don’t fancy trying any of these clever tricks, then you can still show your support for National Black Cat Day by sponsoring a black cat at one of our centres! For as little as 19p a day you’ll ensure we can provide them with everything they need until we find them a loving new home, no matter how long it takes. Visit to find out more. 

For lots more Black Cat Day fun, and to find out whether #TeamBlackCat or #TeamBlackAndWhiteCat is winning, visit

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