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The wonderful ending that tabby cat Walter deserves.

This post has been written by our Colwyn & District Branch

You may remember that back in March we wrote about Walter, who got his leg caught in his collar, causing a very deep wound.

tabby cat in red cat bed

Walter on admission


close up of cat's skin under neck fur

Walter's wound has now healed


Unfortunately his owner no longer wanted him so we kept him in our care until the treatment was complete and we could find him a suitable new home.

At long last Walter has a home. He has a large garden giving him safe access to the outside world, and a mum and dad all to himself. We were sad to see him go but know he will be quite happy in his new home.

tabby and white cat on blankets

Walter's made brilliant progress


white and tabby cat peeking round wall

Walter's made brilliant progress


We know he'll be a happy chappy in his new home. This video shows just how well he is doing now:

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