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An amazing accomplishment from our Glasgow volunteers taking on 49 cats from one home!

Cats Protection’s Glasgow Branch recently received a call from a woman explaining her mother had passed away and that she wasn’t sure what to do with all her cats – could the branch help?

When the Branch Co-ordinator and Foster Liaison Officer visited they were taken aback when they discovered that there were actually 49 cats in the home. To further complicate matters none of the cats were neutered, quite a number looked unwell and some appeared very elderly.

The branch knew that it was a very challenging situation but that they had to try and help. The co-ordinator contacted the vets and a plan was agreed to bring in half of the cats that very evening so that they could be assessed, treatment provided and neutering organised. The following week it was planned that the rest of the cats would be brought in.

black and white cat crouched on carpet

Handsome Mannie


The volunteers at the branch then really ‘swung into action’! They knew that they only had days to think about how to accommodate all the cats and the branch was already full. An urgent appeal for foster spaces was circulated. Not only did Glasgow Branch’s volunteers offer to help but the Deeside Branch and Giffnock Branch also offered to foster and home 12 of the cats. The Glasgow Branch was absolutely delighted with the response as it made all the difference knowing that they were not dealing with the situation on their own.

The fostering of the cats was ultimately quite a commitment. Most of the cats were very timid and needed time to become more confident around humans. Many were also under-nourished and needed a lot of care and attention. This meant that the cats stayed in foster care for much longer and fosterers had to work extra hard to prepare them for their new forever homes. The homing officer and home visitor team worked flat out to find special homes and are pleased to report that all 49 cats have now been rehomed.

Pictured above is the gorgeous Mannie – he was the last cat to be rehomed mainly because he had a lot of health issues to deal with. When he came into CP care he was showing symptomatic signs of flu and needed teeth removing after having gum disease. Nine-year-old Mannie also had issues with his breathing caused by condition which meant he had an abnormal narrowing of his throat. His treatment has helped with his breathing but he may need additional treatment in the future – he’ll continue to be monitored.

He is thriving in his new home, which is the ‘cherry on top’ for all the volunteers involved in this challenging work. The help offered to Mannie wasn't just a brilliant team effort, but the help and support of the neighbouring branches also demonstrates partnership working in Cats Protection at its best.

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