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Meet the inspiring supporters taking on the challenge of a lifetime for Cats Protection and find out how you can follow in their footsteps 

In October 2024, Cats Protection will see a group of over 20 incredible supporters take on a total of 60km and 32 hours of trekking in Madagascar, all to help make a better life for cats. 

photos of the a Madagascar landscape with mountains in the background and green forest and some small houses in the foreground

Sarah Burgess from Different Travel, who will be leading the trek, visited the country last year and said: “Madagascar was everything I had imagined it to be. Remote, unspoilt, beautiful and a surprise around every corner!”

Izzy’s story

Selfie of a brunette woman wearing a yellow Cats Protection t-shirt while outdoors in front of greenery

Isobell Tagg is one of the cat fans joining the Cats Protection team heading out to Madagascar later this year. “I have had cats all my life,” said Izzy. “I have one cat Dolly, I found her while volunteering at Cats Protection actually! She has brought such joy and happiness to me and my family. To have gained her trust and to receive her little nuzzles and hear her purring is a beautiful feeling.

“After I lost my late cat Ruby I was devastated. She had been my companion for 14 years; we shared a special bond. We had rescued Ruby as a young kitten, and I wanted to carry on her legacy in a way by helping other cats in need. So, I started volunteering with Cats Protection.

“It helped me tremendously as I was able to do something positive in a time of sadness. I love volunteering and I have seen first-hand how much love and care the cats receive when at Cats Protection and I wanted to give back as much as I can. So, I signed up for the trek.”

While Izzy hasn’t taken on a challenge like this before, she is super excited for it. She is already looking forward to the sense of achievement and how amazing it will be completing the trek with her fellow teammates. 

Laura’s story 

selfie of a brunette woman wearing a knitted grey beanie hat, purple coat and yellow Cats Protection scarf while outdoors in front of greenery

Laura Jackson, a veterinary nurse with a keen interest in cats, is also joining the Cats Protection team heading out to Madagascar.

“I started off my career at Cats Protection as a Cat Care Assistant before training to become a qualified veterinary nurse, so the charity has always been close to my heart,” said Laura. 

“I have two British Shorthair cats. One was a rescue that was brought into the veterinary hospital I work in, and my other cat came to me as a kitten from Cats Protection. My work rescue is Butterscotch, and my Cats Protection rescue is called Cheshire.”

Laura has previously participated in a one-day trekking challenge, tackling the Pen Y Fan to support Cats Protection. To hit her Madagascar fundraising target, Laura plans to carry out sponsored runs, sell items at Cats Protection open days in exchange for donations, as well as host lots of bake sales at the vet practice where she now works.

Challenge yourself

Blonde woman standing in front of tropical green plants wearing a yellow Cats Protection t-shirtSarah Burgess in Madagascar 

If you feel inspired by Izzy and Laura and would like to fundraise for Cats Protection in a unique and exceptional way then you too can take on our Madagascar trek, taking place in 2025! 

Perhaps you are still wondering if the challenge is worth it? As Sarah Burgess said:
“The trekking was tough, but the constantly changing views, and keeping an eye out for lemurs that could appear at any moment, made it all worthwhile!”

Find out more, register your interest or sign up to our Madagascar Adventure 2025. 

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