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Cute and funny photos of cats were sent in by our supporters to brighten up January

We were inundated with so many brilliant cat photos for last year’s #FelineGoodJanuary challenge that we decided to do it all again in 2022!

With a different cat-egory each week, our lovely supporters shared their snaps with us on social media to help spread some much-needed joy throughout January.

So many of the gorgeous photos brought a smile to our faces, but here are some of the highlights...

Ultimate snuggle spot

Cats’ favourite or unusual choices of location for a snooze

tabby cat curled up asleep on top of balls of colourful wool in a bagJill likes to make sure her owner’s knitting supply is kept safe. Credit: Carina Hely

grey-and-white tabby cat asleep on grey-haired woman's chestIzzy hasn’t quite grasped the concept of personal space. Credit: Linda Westwood

brown tabby cat sat inside white wooden box with the word 'cat' on the sideDylan likes his boxes clearly labelled for his use. Credit: Helen Waterman

brown-and-white tabby cat asleep on the arm of pink sofa with legs hanging downThe arm of the sofa is a perfect Murray-shaped perch. Credit: Lorna Murdoch

tortoishell-and-white cat sat inside grey cat bed with white polka dots and Cats Protection logo on the sideMinnie modelling her cosy Cats Protection bed – the ultimate snooze spot! Credit: Hannah Mott

Best catrobatics pose

Flexible felines showing off their best yoga skills

black-and-white cat balanced on top of metal curtain railHarpo’s training for his tightrope act is coming along nicely. Credit: Polly Rodgers

black cat lying on its back, half in and half out of a beige cat bedMerlin must have a strong core for this balancing act. Credit: Gareth O’Cathain

brown-and-white tabby cat lying on floor with head upside downAlbus isn’t quite sure which way is up. Credit: Sian Dale

black cat lying on red blanket with front legs stretched out in frontMoose proving that you don’t need to be awake to have a good stretch. Credit: Samantha Williams

black-and-white kitten lying on its back on grey sofa with legs stretched outPaddy is starting young with his yoga training. Credit: Rachel Mulholland

Gotcha day

Memories of the day cats found their forever homes

black-and-white kitten sitting on person's lap with their arms around it and stroking its headMinnie found a safe place in her owner's arms. Credit: Angela West

black-and-white long-haired cat looking at the cameraThe handsome Frankie was quick to perfect his poses for the camera. Credit: Shirley Green

black-and-white cat sat on dinging chair next to wooden tableLenny didn’t waste time reserving his seat at the table. Credit: Kim Low

long-haired white cat sitting on grey sofa in patch of sunlight coming through the windowSeeking out the perfect sunny spot was Harry’s main priority. Credit: Janette Stewart

black-and-white cat curled up asleep on lap of person wearing purple checked trousersDigby couldn’t wait to snuggle on a warm lap. Credit: Jenny Goodwin

Best blep

Cheeky cats sticking their tongues out for the camera

black cat sitting on grey fleece blanket with lip of pink tongue poking out at cameraA cheeky blep for the camera from Amber. Credit: Ela Ellis

black-and-white cat asleep on blanket with tongue sticking outFuggy giving a mid-snooze blep. Credit: Jacomina @baatjejaccie

ginger-and-white cat with tongue sticking outLucky’s lazy but still impressive blep. Credit: Beki Pearce

White cat asleep with pink tongue sticking outKiki gives a great blep face. Credit: Alysia Ramsdale

black-and-white cat sticking tongue outCharlie’s tongue has reached new lengths with this record-breaking blep. Credit: Kerry Draper

If you’d like to share your cat photos then tag us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We love to see your fabulous felines!

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