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Traumatised cat with one eye is being cared for by Bredhurst Adoption Centre.


A young cat has been found injured and badly traumatised after being dumped on a well-known school run in Chatham.

The one-year-old ragdoll cat, named Artex by his rescuers, had lost an eye and was cowering in a dirty cat carrier inside a black bin bag when he was found on Friday 24 January.

But the full extent of his trauma and suspected mistreatment was only realised when he was brought to our Bredhurst Adoption Centre.

grey and white ragdoll cat with missing eye

Hannah Ashwell, Cats Protection’s Regional Fundraising Manager, said: “This young cat was in terrible pain; his right eye was missing and the eye socket was an open and untreated wound.

“It was clear that Artex needed immediate care. Our vets have been working to provide the pain relief, antibiotics and veterinary care necessary for his welfare. The next thing is surgery to clean and stitch his empty eye socket.”

When sufficiently recovered, Artex will be placed with an experienced Cats Protection adopter to help him recover from his ordeal and begin the road to recovery, both physically and emotionally. He is still very scared of human contact and uncomfortable with being handled.

While the exact cause of his injury and other physical factors is unclear, Artex will receive the many months of dedicated care and treatment he needs from Cats Protection.

This is likely to cost the Bredhurst Adoption Centre over £700. To help cover the costs, Cats Protection has set up a JustGiving appeal and is inviting donations to pay for the lengthy treatment and care that Artex will need.

Any funds raised above and beyond our target will be used to help other cats and kittens in care at our Bredhurst Adoption Centre.

To find out how you can support our work to help even more cats like Artex, visit

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