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Discover how to take care of a deaf cat like Luna for World Hearing Day (3 March)


Luna may be hard of hearing but that hasn’t held her back from enjoying life to the full in her new forever home.

brown tabby cat sitting in cat pen

The five-year-old tabby was recently adopted from our National Cat Adoption Centre in Sussex by Stephen and Vicki Huxtable, and they’re thrilled with their new feline friend.

Stephen said: “We decided Luna was the cat for us as we were completely won over by her vibrant and affectionate personality.

“Luna is chatty as if she wants to make sure we’ve heard all of her requests and demands! And we loved the way she goes nuts for feathery and flappy toys! She’ll certainly bring a lot of energy and warmth to our household.”

brown tabby cat sitting on knitted blanket on table

World Hearing Day raises awareness of ear and hearing care across the world, but it’s often not common knowledge that cats can suffer with hearing problems too.

Some cats are born deaf while others gradually lose their hearing as they age. For most cats, sudden loss of hearing is normally the result of illness or injury.

Many deaf cats compensate for their lack of hearing by using their other senses, such as smell and sight, more.

Top tips for caring for a deaf cat

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