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Getting to know black-and-white cat Pippa in our sponsored cat pen.

Our Cat Sponsors are true heroes who help us to care for the poor unwanted kitties at Cats Protection centres across the UK.

Beautiful monochrome moggy Pippa is a former sponsor cat who was staying at our National Cat Adoption Centre in Sussex.

Although this two-year-old moggy is a cat flu carrier, she is still friendly and playful. She loves climbing, jumping and chasing her favourite toys and is also partial to a head rub. You can see Pippa having lots of fun in the video below:


We’re delighted to say that Pippa has now found her forever home and her pen is now occupied by another black-and-white kitty called Benji.

If you would like to become a Cat Sponsor and help show cats like Pippa and Benji the love they deserve, you can sign up on the Cats Protection website now.

For as little as 19p a day you can help us to provide shelter, warmth, food, medical care and love for the cats in our care, and in return will receive regular updates about the cats staying in your pen. Sponsorship is a fantastic way to see exactly how your kind donations are helping the cats in our care and also makes a purrfect gift for cat lovers!

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