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A young girl writes a loving letter to her cat who had to be rehomed.

This letter was written by a little girl whose cat Bella had to be given up at our Bridgend Adoption Centre because it just didn’t settle with the other cat in the home.

It’s very touching and highlights the sadness many people experience if they have to part with their much loved cats.

child's handwritten letter to a pet cat

The letter says:


Dear Bella

I would always love you… would you always love me? I shall never forget and always remember you… would you always remember me? I really don’t want you to go… are you really unhappy here? I love you so much Bella but if you really don’t love [our other cat] or our home, I guess I have to say goodbye. And say that I love you, I love you kadallions and all the way to space…

Goodbye Bella, I hope you love your new home…

Lots of love, hugs, strokes and kisses,

Your best friend Caitlin xxxxxx


Cat Behaviour Counsellor Vicky Halls wrote in the Summer 2012 issue of The Cat magazine: “This is one of the hardest dilemmas that loving cat owners face. As the cat is a territorial species the environment within which it lives is fundamental. The space available and the other cats sharing that space, together with the owner’s interactive style, will dictate which elements of the cat’s unique character and temperament is expressed and to what extent. Sometimes, with the best will and care in the world, ‘square cats’ find themselves in ‘round houses’ and no amount of shaving off the edges will make them fit.”

If you find yourself in this situation it may be worth talking to your local Cats Protection branch or adoption centre as it may be preferable all round for you and the cat to part ways. The cat’s next home could well be the perfect one for them.

When a cat is rehomed by Cats Protection we offer ongoing support to settle them into their new home and ask owners to get in touch if it’s not working out.

Find your local branch or centre at

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