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Elderly Freddie is looking for a quiet home where he can enjoy his golden years in peace and comfort

Freddie ended up in the care of our Mitcham Homing Centre after his elderly owner was unable to care for him any longer.

brown tabby cat

Aged 15, mature moggy Freddie didn’t take well to the change in environment and was fearful at first.

“When Freddie arrived at the centre, he was a frightened and confused old boy,” said Emma Goss, Volunteer Team Leader at Mitcham Homing Centre. “We always ensure that cats in our care have plenty of places to hide, such as our Hide & Sleep® stools, which can help to reduce stress, especially in the early days.

“But he remained afraid of being approached and particularly disliked being touched. The poor boy was naturally defensive and could be quite quick with his claws. In fact, the only way to get close was with tuna, which he loves.”

Despite various appeals by the centre, Freddie has been overlooked for more than 200 days.

brown tabby cat sitting next to scratch post

“Freddie has a sad demeanour, which really got to us,” added Emma. “We knew we had to look at a different solution for Freddie if we were to bring him out of himself. We wanted to ensure this old boy was given the chance of a new loving home.”

The solution was Linda Hamer, a volunteer fosterer with experience of helping cats who are struggling to cope with their change in circumstances. In the comfort of a home with someone to take care of him, Freddie was able to relax.

“He is like an entirely different cat,” said Emma. “He’s very friendly and affectionate and even loves occasional strokes, which is so wonderful to see. With the changes in his behaviour, we’re confident Freddie will make an ideal companion to his new owners.

Linda said: “Freddie is looking for a retirement home to enjoy his old age. When he arrived, he was scared but he’s back on his paws now, purring and enjoying strokes, and his confidences continues to grow.

brown tabby cat

“We’re looking for a quiet adult-only home with outdoor space for Freddie to stretch his legs. His new owners will need to be patient as it's essential he's given the time and space to settle. But now he has shown his affectionate character, we feel he will make a loyal, grateful and loving friend.”
As well as his old age, Freddie’s carers believe that ongoing health issues have prevented him being picked. Freddie has a skin condition that could be allergy or stress related and will need veterinary monitoring. He can also be a bit temperamental and sometimes allows affection only on his own terms. This could be due to discomfort because of the skin complaint, as his behaviour improved with medication.

If you would like to offer Freddie a home, visit the Mitcham Homing Centre website or contact them on or 03000 120 285.
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