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The sad tale of the cats left behind in adoption centres – every cat deserves a home!

PURINA® and Cats Protection have teamed up to help find every cat their perfect match.

We believe that no cat is unadoptable and to prove it we’ve found some heart-warming stories that show there is the perfect owner out there for every cat. Read about Elaine and her moggy Sam, Samantha and her cat Belle and Sam and his kitty Coco below.

Purina has been the charity’s partner for over 35 years and through The Unadoptables Stories campaign hopes to spread awareness of our work and encourage people to adopt.

Lookout for more stories on our Facebook and Twitter pages over the next few weeks, and on 7 September pop into selected Sainsbury’s stores to learn more about the cats in our care and pick up a money-off coupon!


Elaine and Sam

white cat sleeping with Cats Protection and Purina logos

When Elaine found out that moggy Sam had hearing problems, she wasn’t put off. “‘So what?’ I said. I’m profoundly deaf, I wear two hearing aids, it’s just one of those things,” explained Elaine. “Anyway, if people annoy me I can always turn them off.

“I’d lost my last cat and my husband within a very short time of each other and it hit me very hard. When I met Sam he was so affectionate, I’d like to think he knew I needed a friend. He made himself at home right away. I wouldn’t say he’s spoilt but he will have the armchair and I get the foot stool. He doesn’t take up much room, that’s because he’s always lying on top of me. And he keeps me on my toes. I wish I could keep up but he’s got four paws and I’ve only got two legs.

“There’s something special about cats. They don’t ask for much. They don’t answer back. And they love cuddles. Just look at him all curled up with his eyes closed. If my husband was still here, he’d love him too.”


Samantha and Belle

black and white cat next to owner with Cats Protection and Purina logos

“I’m allergic to cats, so I’m not exactly what you’d describe as a typical cat person,” said Samantha. “I’ve always wanted my son Henry to feel the happiness that cats can bring but I couldn’t have a cat living in the house. When I chatted to Cats Protection about adoption, rather than look at me as if I was bonkers, they saw me as the possible answer to one of their cat’s very unique needs. That cat was Belle.

“She had always loved being outdoors as she was a little anxious around people. After nine months in care, Belle’s need and love of the outdoors made her the most adoptable cat in the centre. She really is the perfect cat for me and Henry. It just feels so good to be able to give her a home. She now has her own warm, dry outbuilding and lots of land to explore. We take it in turns to feed her and she can be affectionate but she’s also a real character. Belle is now enjoying her new-found freedom and her confidence has greatly improved. She is allowed to venture into the house which she may do from time to time, if her busy prowling schedule allows it.”


Sam and Coco

black cat having cheek stroked with Cats Protection and Purina logos

“We first saw Coco when we looked into adopting a cat for our little girls,” said Sam. “Being young, they had their hearts set on a kitten, while Lara, my wife, had always wanted a black cat. This came from her childhood love of witches. Her favourite TV show growing up was Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and the witch had a talking black cat as a pet.

“We could not believe it when Cats Protection told us that many of the cats in their care are actually black, because many people simply don’t want them. She made up her mind right there that Coco was going to be ours. She even thought about renaming her Salem, after the cat from the TV show! But thankfully, we persuaded her to keep the name Coco. The girls weren’t at all sad that she’s not a kitten, they absolutely love her.

“Although Coco is the family cat, I’m definitely her favourite, which I really like. I guess it’s because I don’t follow her around and I feed her in the morning. I do have black hair though, so perhaps she’s adopted me.”

Purina is partnering with Cats Protection to help find every cat their perfect match. Find your perfect match today at  

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