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Stray cat Freddie is now out of the woods after having his leg amputated due to an old injury

Freddie was taken into the care of Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre in September 2021 having been found living in some woods with no one to feed or take care of him.

On admission, the centre team noticed that he seemed very uncomfortable, particularly in his back quarter. When he was examined by a vet they couldn’t find any signs of a recent injury but suspected he may have suffered some damage in the past.

black-and-white cat standing in grey cat bed

To everyone’s surprise, X-rays showed that Freddie’s femur was broken so the decision was taken to amputate the leg.

The surgery went well but Freddie’s recovery was slower than expected. Further X-rays were carried out and these picked up old, healed injuries at the base of his spine and tail.

Freddie was started on much needed pain relief and a physio programme to help him build his strength back up. He did well on this course of treatment and was declared ready to home by the vet in mid-January. It didn’t take long for someone to show an interest and he was adopted shortly after.

Side view of black-and-white cat with one back leg missing

“We’ve no idea how or when Freddie sustained his injury,” said Centre Manager Sue Dobbs, “but it’s amazing that he managed to survive living outside with such a severe fracture.

“He was such a lovely, friendly boy so I’m delighted we were able to give him a second chance to live a long and happy life, without pain.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to players of People’s Postcode Lottery, whose support helps us take care of cats like Freddie so we can give them the treatment they need and find them loving new homes.”

black-and-white cat lying in grey fluffy cat bed

Freddie will remain on long-term pain relief to allow him to live comfortably and is now enjoying life with his new family where he loves people watching by the window and demanding a good fuss. He's also taken to playing with a feather string toy most days, before finding a comfy spot for a snooze.

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