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Most popular cat names in the UK revealed – infographic

Does your beloved moggy have one of the most favoured cat names, or something a little more unusual? Read on to discover which names came out on top.

We’ve conducted a survey of cat owners to discover the most popular cat names around the UK – which has produced some very interesting results as shown in our infographic below!

The survey received over 18,000 responses from all over the nation.

Top five cat names in the UK:

  1. Poppy
  2. Charlie
  3. Molly
  4. Willow
  5. Oscar

The top male name is Charlie, while the most popular female cat name is Poppy.

If we break it down by cat colours, we found that the most common name for black cats is the traditional Sooty, while most black-and-white cats are called Felix. Tigger is top for ginger cats, Smokey for grey/blue cats, most tabbies and torties are named Poppy and white cats are most commonly called Casper.

There were quite a few cats named after foods, plants and days of the week or months – but there were also some very funny cat names in there that made us chuckle! Our favourites include Alfred Parsnip, Sir Henry Biscuit and Baroness Trumpington.

Cats Protection cat name survey graphic

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