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A new indoor home for FIV-positive cat Tashie.

Long-stay cat Tashie was brought in to our Wrexham & District Adoption Centre after falling pregnant with her second litter. She spent nearly six months in our care waiting for that special person to come along and offer her a loving home.

Her story really highlights the importance of neutering – her litter takes up extra resources and Tashie has been left with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), a disease affecting the immune system that she’ll have for the rest of her life.

The adoption centre was delighted when Tashie was selected to appear in Cats Protection’s Autumn Raffle tickets and even more delighted when she was chosen by a new owner!

This photo captured the moment she was handed over by Cat Care Assistant Laura Woodcock to new owner Mrs Winn and her daughter.

three women with a cat carrier

Mrs Winn is an experienced cat owner who wasn’t fazed by Tashie’s FIV-positive condition, so was able to offer a very loving indoor home.

Tashie’s fosterer Dorothy looked after a very heavily pregnant Tashie and the two kittens she gave birth to two days after coming into her care. She says: “It was a pleasure to foster Tashie, she was an excellent mum who was devoted to her kittens. I am so pleased that she is going to a loving home.”


Cats Protection recommends that FIV-positive cats are kept indoors and only allowed outside in an impenetrable garden or safe run. They should not be allowed direct contact with FIV-negative cats.

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