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Why do cats make different noises and what do they mean?

In the Simon’s Cat Logic series of videos, Creator Simon Tofield and Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow team up to talk about why cats do what they do.

In the latest video, they’re focussing on cat sounds. With the help of his gorgeous cats Teddy and Maisy, Simon explains that while all cats have their own personalities, it’s their sounds that really define them. While Teddy likes to chirp, purr and meow, Maisy is a much quieter cat – perhaps due to her being a former stray cat and not having to communicate with humans.

As Nicky explains: “Meowing isn’t a natural behaviour for cats. Out in the wild, they wouldn’t be communicating through vocal communications. They mainly do it through scent. They also rely on body language and facial expressions too.”

Nicky goes on to explain that communicating through sound is a learnt behaviour by cats, influenced by their owners.

“The cat will use different sounds, depending on how their owner responds. This is very much a learnt behaviour with people, which is why if you’re a chatty owner, you might have a chatty cat.”


If you want to learn more about cat behaviour, take a look at the behaviour hub on our website.

Does your cat have a distinctive sound?

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