Needing to rehome your cat?

From moving home and relationship break-ups to changes in the family or bereavement, there are many reasons why you might have to make the difficult decision to rehome your cat to another owner.

While some situations are unavoidable, there are circumstances where you may be able to keep your cat. Click video for information on some of the major reasons cats come into our care, why your cat may be behaving this way and what you can try before saying goodbye.

You can also click here for Cats Protection's guide on rehoming cats.

We have been experiencing exceptionally high numbers of calls regarding cats needing our help in the area, and are currently working with a waiting list while we work to help those needing to come in, and those already in our care as quickly as we can.   Therefore, early contact is always recommended.
Please click here for a list of other rehoming centres in the area.  

Should you wish to rehome your cat(s) please contact us via or 03000 120 175.  

We will send you our cat Rehoming Enquiry form by return for your completion. Your application will then be added to our waiting list and we will contact you when we have a suitable space available, and where possible we will contact your vets to ask for your cat's medical history for our records.