Have you lost a cat?

What to do if your cat goes missing?

Not all cats are house cats - some are inclined to wander to where there is fuss or food.

If you return home and your cat is not there to greet you, you might start to get worried that your cat has gone missing.

Don't panic; cats can disappear for days at a time and return with no trouble. What can you do if your cat goes missing?

I've lost my cat. What can I do?

The first thing to do is to check your home and garden. Your cat might be hiding in the unlikeliest of places - from cupboards to sheds. Speak to your neighbours and ask them to check their sheds, garages and outbuildings just in case your cat has accidentally been shut inside.

Also asking, the postman and delivery people can be helpful as they might have seen your cat somewhere.

If after 24hours your cat is still not home you contact us via our helpline (07837 342646) or our Facebook page click here and we can publish a Missing Cat appeal asking for locals to keep a look out for your cat.

We always recommend contacting your local vets and the SSPCA (03000 999 999) to report your cat missing.

Putting up flyers and advertising on social media are a few great ways to get the message out that your cat is missing.

Tips and tricks

If your cat still hasn't turned up, take a look at our tips and tricks to intensify your search.

  • If your cat has a favourite toy, try leaving it in your garden
  • Cats have a strong sense of smell - try leaving out your cats bedding/blanket, their favourite toy or even the cats used litter tray outside in a sheltered place the smell might entice your cat home.
  • You might find your cat is more active at night, especially during the summer. Go out with a friend or family member when it is dark to call for your cat by name shaking a bag of their favourite treats.
  • Leave a bowl of water out and some food. A tasty treat such as tuna might be enough to bring your cat home.