Spotting the signs of kidney disease

Disease of the kidneys, or renal disease, is one of the most common problems affecting middle aged and older cats.

Unfortunately damage to the kidneys is irreversible and by the time we start to see signs of any issues it is likely your cat has lost 75% of the kidney function.

However, the news doesn't have to be all bleak. With the help of various treatments and usually a special diet effected cats can often maintain a good quality of life.

The signs of kidney disease
Increased thirst
Passing more urine
Poor appetite
Weight loss
Poor coat condition
Vomitting Lethargy
Bad breath

If your cat has any of these signs, your vet will run a blood test on your cat looking for signs of renal disease.

Treatment depends on the stage of the renal failure. Your cat may be prescribed medication or a specific diet that limits further kidney damage. Dietary management is the single most important factor in the management of renal disease in cats to improve quality of life and life expectancy.

What does the future hold?
Depending on the severity of the kidney damage, with regular monitoring, medication and diet, many cats with kidney disease can go on to lead long and happy lives.

So look out for the signs and seek medical advice if at all concerned.