What to do if your cat goes missing, or you find a cat

If your cat goes missing or you have found a stray cat please call our telephone helpline on: 0344 700 3251 or e-mail us at enquiries@northampton.cats.org.uk

If you contact us by e-mail please provide as much information about the cat as possible, with pictures if you can. We will also need your name & address plus a contact telephone number.

  • Check indoors - look in every room in the house, including the loft or cellar. Look in places like airing cupboards, drawers, behind sofas and inside washing baskets. Don’t forget the washing machine and tumble drier!
  • Look outside - give his ‘special’ call for food or rattle his food dish or treats.
  • Explore your garden. Look up as well as in the bushes and check sheds, garages and outbuildings.Keep calling and listen for an answer.Get all your family members to call in turn. And ask your neighbours if you can have a look in their gardens too.
  • Make flyers - create and print flyers to put through neighbour’s doors; include a good description, a photo and your contact details. Ask on the flyers if your neighbours can check their garages and sheds.
  • Advertise - put up adverts in local shops and your local vet.
  • Check with the vets - your cat may have been involved in an accident and taken in for treatment. By having your cat microchipped your vet will be aware if your cat comes into their surgery too.
  • Check with the council - contact your local council’s environmental health department to see if they have a record of any cats that have been involved in road traffic accident.

When your cat returns home, please notify us so that we can remove him or her from the lost cat list. It is also nice to know that they have arrived back home safely.

Thank you.