Scottish Wildcats

Scotland is home to one of the UK's national treasures, Scottish wildcats (Felis silvestris). These majestic cats are native to mainland Britain but were lost from England and Wales in the late 1800’s due to persecution and habitat loss. They are now only found in the Scottish Highlands, and Strathspey Branch is nestled within what’s left of their range.


Wildcats are Critically Endangered in Scotland, and the few animals that remain are at risk from hybridisation (inter-breeding) with domestic cats, and potentially also the transfer of feline infectious diseases from feral or un-vaccinated domestic cats.


Here at Strathspey Cats Protection, we support the Saving Wildcats team by helping to mitigate risks to Scotland’s wildcats by trapping, neutering, and vaccinating domestic feral cats (known as ‘Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return or TNVR), as well as ensuring that pet cats are neutered and vaccinated before being homed.

If you would like to find out more about wildcat conservation in Scotland, please visit the Saving Wildcats website.