Lost a cat?

Please report your cat missing as soon as possible, as this maximises the chances of it being found. 

Look in:
  • all rooms, cupboards, boxes and drawers in your home, shed and garages 
  • ask your neighbours to check their homes and outbuildings too
  • any household appliances which a cat could fit into – e.g. washing machine, tumble drier, microwave
  • vehicles, gardens and hedgerows (watch for snares)
  • the lost and found section of your local newspaper
  • your local community noticeboards - e.g. library, newsagent, supermarket

Have the following information available:
  • Your address and telephone number
  • Description of your cat including any distinguishing features
  • If your cat was wearing a collar / ID disc
  • Whether your cat in micro-chipped, and the number if possible
  • When and where it was last seen
  • Recent photos of your cat 
  • your neighbours, your postman and milkman, your newspaper delivery person
  • put up posters in the immediate vicinity and up to 2 streets away, as male cats in particular can have a large territory
  • the police and the cleansing department of your local council
  • local veterinary surgeries and local schools (children are very observant of animals)
  • your local community noticeboards - e.g. library, newsagent, supermarket
  • your local CP branch (for Telford & District see our Lost and Found page)
  • other local organisations - see www.catchat.org/adoption/shrop.html
  • Animal Search UK – 01432 266 900 or www.animalsearchuk.co.uk
  • Pets Bureau – www.petsbureau.co.uk
  • The UK Missing Pets register – www.nationalpetregister.org
If your cat returns, please contact all of these organisations so they know to stop looking for your cat.
We urge people to get their cats micro-chipped, as this makes it much easier to trace the owner should they become lost again.