Mature moggies make marvellous companions

14 June 2018

Figures from the charity’s centres show that cats aged 11 and over spend an average of 33 days waiting to be adopted – twice as long as the overall average time of 15 days and over four times longer than kittens, who wait an average of eight days.Cats Protection conducted a survey to understand why many ‘senior kitizens’ are being overlooked in favour of fresher-faced felines.23% of respondents say they would consider any cat aged over...

Sponsor Cat Update!

07 May 2018

Daisy and her kittens have kept many cat lovers enthralled over the last few weeks as we followed Daisy from pregnancy to birth, watched her devotedly care for her kittens as they grew from helpless newborns to bundles of fun and energy to finally being weaned. Not surprisingly Daisy and her kittens were adopted very quickly and are now settling into their new lives in their forever homes. To find out more about Daisy and her kittens please click here Life at the centre still goes on ...

Cats Protection Bridgend Adoption Centre urges public not to dump cats.

29 January 2018

Cats Protection urges public not to dump cats after 2 incidences of cat abandonment on the common at Bryncethin in the last 2 weeks.Harley and Davidson where found on the 18 January by some bikers off roading on the common, they had been abandoned in a cat carrier and were hungry when found but otherwise in good condition. They are approx. 10 months old and very friendly. Chicken spotted by a driver along the road by Rockwell...

Recycle unwanted items and help us raise fund to help us care for cats at the centre..

07 November 2017

We are urging members of the public to check their draws, cupboards etc to see if they have any of items below which can be recylcled with us to help us raise fundd to help care for unwanted cats and kittens at the centre. Jewellery - Unwanted gold and silver including damaged items, costume Jewellery and watches.Currencies and Coins - Old pound coins, and any UK or foreign currency of any...