Helping Cats Appeal!

04 March 2022

Our team at Cats Protection Bridgend have been working tirelessly through the pandemic to help cats and kittens. This year, we have helped over 200 cats already, many of needing urgent vet treatment. Cats like Bunny who was heavily pregnant when admitted into our care, she gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens but developed a hole in her abdominal wall during labour causing her intestines to herniate through. She needed emergency surgical repair, she is still recovering from her ...

Eight Precious Weeks Appeal!

29 November 2021

Meet Precious and her four beautiful kittens. Precious came into our care here at Bridgend when she was noticed by local people as a stray. We appealed for owners but nobody came forward so we made her comfortable ready for the arrival of her kittens as she was already very pregnant when she came to us. We think she is about three years old, but is a very small girl.She had been with us just over three weeks when she went into labour. She managed to deliver ...

Boots is lucky to be alive after surviving being shot with a shot gun at some point during her life.

17 February 2021

Boots was homed from our centre as a kitten with her sibling Puss 8 years ago, they were much loved and cared for pets. Their original owner passed away last year and she left Boots in the care of her two sons. The son caring for Boots and Puss then also sadly passed away in January. Remaining son Darren, who brought Boots and Puss to us, was unable to keep the cats himself as they would ...

From rags to riches: burned cat Mushka has a second chance at life

13 March 2019

Stray cat Mushka was a stray living outside in the cold and her fur was dirty and stained. She had weeping sores on her shoulder, back and ear, probably from burns where she had sought shelter under a car bonnet. But Mushka’s luck finally changed when she was taken to Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre. “Mushka was very scared and shied away from our cat carers when she first arrived”, said ...