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Six cat superstitions busted!

Cats are the subjects of many strange superstitions from across the world, from the idea that they have nine lives, to the good or bad luck (depending on where you live) brought by a black cat crossing your path.

No matter how much we might like to believe these memorable myths are true, they’re usually nothing more than tall tales passed down through the generations.

Here are some particularly peculiar superstitions people believe about moggies and some of the truths behind them…


A grooming cat means unexpected visitors are coming 

brown tabby cat grooming leg

While you might like the idea that your moggy is trying to look their best for new visitors, they’re probably only thinking of their own personal hygiene. Most cats spend 10% of their waking time grooming, so unless you’ve got visitors popping in all the time, then on most occasions it will certainly be a false alarm! For information about cat grooming, visit


A sneezing cat means good luck is on the way 

pink nose on grey cat

According to this superstition, hearing one sneeze from your cat will bring you good luck but hearing three will mean you’re going to catch a cold. Of course, one sneeze from your cat probably means they’ve just sniffed up some rogue cat hair, but several sneezes may mean a trip to the vet is in order! For advice on how to spot if your cat has cat flu, visit


Feeding a cat from your shoe will improve your love life 

black kitten next to trainers

This bizarre myth states that if a woman’s cat eats from her shoe, she’ll soon receive a marriage proposal. In reality, any potential suiters will probably run a mile from her tuna-smelling feet! You’re much better off feeding your cat from a traditional pet food bowl – it will save you a fortune in footwear. For more advice about feeding your cat, visit


A kitten born in May will be troublesome 

tiny black kitten poking out tongue

Although it is towards the start of ‘kitten season’ (the majority of kittens are born between April and September), there’s no reason why kittens will be anymore mischievous in May compared to other months. Young kittens are naturally curious and playful, so they’ll always need some supervision to make sure they don’t get into trouble. To find out how to look after kittens, visit


When moving into a new home, letting the cat enter first will bring good luck 

ginger cat sitting in doorway

While your moggy will certainly be curious about their new territory, it will probably bring you better luck if you go in first and get everything set up for them before they arrive. Moving your cat into a new house requires a bit of planning to make sure they settle in well and you can find lots of tips on how to do this at


Black cats protect fishermen at sea 

black cat lying on red sofa

Many superstitions wrongly identify black cats as being bad luck, which is particularly sad when you consider that they are often overlooked by potential new owners. In fact, this is why we have National Black Cat Day on 27 October every year, to show our monochrome moggies a bit of extra love! While this superstition paints black kitties in a more positive light, as protectors and good luck charms, they would probably be happier on dry land rather than at sea! To find your own lucky black cat, visit

Do you know any crazy cat superstitions that aren’t on our list? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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