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A cake shaped like balls of wool and some cat-themed meringue cookies have won Cats Protection’s baking challenge

Two lucky bakers have been chosen by Great British Bake Off finalist Kim-Joy as the winners of our Pawsome Baking Challenge.

woman with long raid hair and wearing glasses cuddling tabby-and-white cat

Kim-Joy and her cat Mochi

We received hundreds of entries from creative cat lovers across the UK, who took part to raise funds for the cats in our care.

The winner of the adult category was Jay Urquhart-Pettifer from Coventry, whose vegan Victoria sponge cake shows cats playing with balls of fondant wool.

cake decorated to look like colourful balls of wool with cats playing on themJay's winning cake decorated with fondant wool and cats

Kim-Joy, who has two cats called Inki and Mochi, said: “It was a tough choice picking a winner but I have to say I’ve never seen a ball of wool cake before! I love the way the cats have their own personalities, especially the orange cat playing with the string. It would bring a smile to anyone’s face.”

woman with long curly blonde hair holding cake shaped like balls of wool and catsJay with her winning cake

Jay said: “I’m so glad Kim-Joy liked my ball of wool showstopper and it’s given me extra confidence in my baking!

“This cake shows all of the cats I’ve owned in my life, including my current black-and-white feline Izzy, and I went for very bright colours to give it the fun element!"

woman wearing glasses with face up against face of black-and-white catJay with her cat Izzy

Kim-Joy also selected a top bake from the junior competition for those aged 18 and under. This was won by 16-year-old Isobel Davies from Croydon who designed cat-shaped cookies entirely made from meringue.

Isobel Davies entry to cat-themed bake off
Isobel's winning cat-themed meringue cookies

Kim-Joy said: “It’s not easy working with meringue so I was really impressed with the detail and the fact they came out so smooth-looking and free of cracks.”

young girl with long purple hair and sunglasses on her headWinning junior baker Isobel

Isobel Davies said: “It is an honour to be chosen by Kim-Joy as I loved watching her Bake-Off journey.

“My bake was inspired by the paws of my two cats Lola and Charlie. I tried out a few different cat shapes but keeping it simple worked best as the cookies took a long while to settle in the oven.”

tortoiseshell-and-white cat sitting in the sunshineIsobel's cat Charlie

Both Jay and Isobel have won a signed copy of Kim-Joy’s Baking with Kim-Joy book while the competition raised more than £1,600 to help us look after and rehome unwanted cats.

“We’d like to say a very big thank you to everyone who sent in their bakes,” said Zoe Thompson from Cats Protection’s Events team. “The funds raised will help us guarantee brighter futures for many needy cats.

“If anyone is inspired by these bakes, then why not register to host your own afternoon tea to help unwanted cats? Please visit to find out more.”

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