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Meet some of our supporters who have scaled their staircases at home to raise money for cats 

This year, our dedicated supporters have found creative new ways to raise much-needed funds for Cats Protection (no matter what 2020 has thrown at them!).

From running a marathon on a driveway, to climbing the Nepali Himalayas on their staircase at home, they’ve truly gone the extra distance for cats.

wind-swept brunette woman and man in hooded raincoat giving a thumbs upMichelle and Christian enjoying an outdoor trek

Back in May, supporters Michelle and Christian Ewan decided to take on four of the UK’s highest peaks on their own stairs, raising almost £800 for our Warrington Adoption Centre.

"Christian and I are not, by nature, especially fit or sporty people,” Michelle explained. “The Virtual Four Peaks Challenge came at just the right time to once again test our new fitness levels for a cause we believe in."

redhead woman dressed as black cat holding ginger cat on staircaseLucy Brown with her lovely moggy

Meanwhile, cat-lover Lucy Brown challenged herself to climb Mount Snowdon at home, raising £250 to help the cats and kittens in our care.

If you’ve been inspired by these awesome efforts, why not ‘step up’ to the challenge of climbing the height of a famous landmark or mountain in your own way.

Woman on staircase with her back to camera pointing at Cats Protection logo on the back of her topLucy successfully completed her staircase climb

Whether it’s a hilly trek outdoors or your own staircase at home, you can either track your elevation or steps up and down.

You could do 2,000 steps to the top of the Empire State Building, or you might even choose to scale the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro which summits at 5,895 metres, which is over 58,000 steps up and down.

You can join in throughout January, or plan an activity for our Climb for Cats weekend on Friday 29 - Sunday 31 January to take part at the same time as other cat-loving climbers.

Register now at or contact our Events team to find out more by emailing or calling 01825 741 960.

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