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Halloween: Cats doing clever tricks and cat-friendly treats!

With pumpkins aglow and cobwebs creeping across the UK, it must be time for Halloween. This year, we've put together our own selection of tricks and treats just for you. Take a look at our videos of cats doing clever tricks, or get set to make your own cat-friendly treats at home with our handy how-tos.


Clever mogs!

This smart kitty completes an amazing task.


While this cat has learnt how to high five!


This cat does a whole range of tricks for treats.


And now for some treats...

Why not watch our how-to video and make our homemade meaty cat food treats?


Take a look at our cat-shaped biscuits – perfect for humans wanting a treat too! Click on the image for our recipe.

cat shaped healthy cookies


Happy Halloween!

Editorial note: Ensure any treats you give your cat are taken from their daily food allowance.

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