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Can you help Spencer, the tiny kitten carelessly dumped in a box with a broken leg?

A 14-week-old kitten who was found abandoned in a box has had to have complex surgery costing over £1,800.

Spencer was handed into Cats Protection’s Haslemere Adoption Centre on Monday 15 July by members of the public who found the box dumped on a road nearby.

Spencer’s mother Scarlet and sister Sugar were also in the box. All three cats were very hot and lucky to have been discovered in time.

longhaired black kitten by cat carrier

Spencer the kitten 


“It’s shocking enough that the cats were dumped, but the fact poor Spencer was in such a state is just heartbreaking. The poor cats have definitely used at least one of their nine lives.” said Hannah Ashwell, Cats Protection’s Regional Fundraising Manager.

Scarlet and Sugar have been given the all clear but Spencer was in need of a little more investigation. He had a noticeable limp and an open, infected wound in his groin area. He was also showing signs of discomfort coming from his right hind leg.

After a referral to a specialist vets, X-rays showed that Spencer had a fracture to the top of his right femur. Because of his injuries, Spencer needed some complex surgery on his hip to stabilise the joint.

“He’s been recovering from his surgery at a fosterer’s house along with his sister Sugar,” said Hannah. “As soon as Spencer is well enough, they will be looking for their forever homes.”

Spencer has a long road to recovery and will be receiving veterinary care over the coming weeks with regular check-ups. However, Hannah and the Haslemere team believe Spencer will be back to full strength in no time at all.

Hannah added: “The total cost of Spencer’s treatment, medication and after care, will cost over £1,800. Anything people can donate to help cover this cost will be hugely appreciated and will go a long way to helping.”

Anyone wishing to donate to Spencer’s care should visit his JustGiving page. Any funds raised above the centre’s target will be used to help other cats and kittens currently in the care of Haslemere Adoption Centre.

While Spencer and Sugar will be in care a little longer, Scarlet is ready to find a new home of her own where she can enjoy some home comforts.

If you would like to find out more about adopting Scarlet you can call the centre on 01428 604 297, email or visit for more information.

To find cats and kittens looking for homes in your area, visit

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