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No Valentine's Day date? No problem: you have a cat!

It's that time of year again. The time when you devote yourself to that special someone in your life. The time when you show them how much they mean to you. The time when you lavish each other with attention and gifts. The time when you share a romantic candlelit dinner at that fancy-restaurant-you-liked-the-look-of-last-year-but-needed-a-good-excuse-to-visit.

The time when it dawns on you that your special someone has forgotten it's Valentine's Day… again. The time when you pretend it's OK for them to ‘make it up to you next year’. (You can see where we're heading with this, can't you?!)

For those of us who wake up every 14 February with a tinge of disappointment, we think we've found the solution.

Allow us to present 10 reasons why your cat is your best bet for a Valentine's Day date:

1. Let's start with the most obvious: they love you.

They might not always show it but, deep down, you know they do. Every rub up against your leg, every slow blink is another sign that they enjoy spending time with you.


2. They're all about giving.

Moggies just love bringing you gifts. Even if you may not always enjoy receiving them you can be sure they'll be out there hunting for the perfect prezzie that will have you screaming with delight and running around the house.


3. They're a cheap date.

A fresh bowl of water, some food and five minutes chasing their favourite toy around the living room and cats are usually pretty content with life and ready for some serious relaxation time. Which leads us to...


tabby kitten resting head on heart-shaped cushion

Curl up with your cat this Valentine's Day. Photo: / Voren1

4. They know how to take it easy.

Is your idea of the ultimate Valentine's Day evening curling up on the sofa with some snacks*? Well, so is theirs! That's one more thing you've got in common with your cat, compared to a perpetually-disappointing other half.


5. They're great listeners.

Sometimes all you need after a hard day's work is someone to sit with you as you get everything off your chest. With a range of hearing well beyond our own, cats can pick up sounds that even dogs can't detect, so you can be sure they will hear you out. Just don't be put off if they’re laying down with their eyes closed while you’re happily nattering away!


6. They don't judge.

You can tell a moggy your deepest secrets and they will not bat an eyelid. Is this due to some sort of human-feline empathy built up over centuries of co-habitation? No, it's because they haven't a clue what you're saying. But you can always pretend they do. After all, you’ve been doing that with your partner for years.


7. They are certified de-stressers.

Many of us find it hard to relax. Even when we've finished our work for the day, phones, tablets and TV screens throw more unwanted information at us. Stroking a cat's soft fur and listening to their therapeutic purring has been proven to lower our anxiety levels and put us at ease. In this day and age, that's a gift to truly cherish.


8. February in the UK can be cold.

Really cold. But if you have a feline in your family, there's often no need to grab your hot water bottle on your way up to bed. If you play your cards right after your relaxing Valentine's evening, your moggy will curl up next to your feet and keep you toasty until the morning. With some kitties, it's all part of the service.


9. You can call them the cutest things.

Fluffykins. Honeybun. Snugglebug. You can use any number of pet names on your moggy and they won't roll their eyes at you. Although it does make you wonder what they'd like to call us!


10. And finally, cats know how to show appreciation.

If you make spend time with them, your cat may reward you with a head butt, which means you’re their friend. Unlike your other half, who still hasn't thanked you for the present you gave them last year!


However you spend 14 February – whether it's in the company of felines, humans or both – there's never a bad time to show your cat how much you love them. How about preparing them a tasty treat? Just one of the kitty presents we show you how to make in our Feline Crafty YouTube series.

Happy Valentine's Day!

*Veterinary note: If you give your cat any treats, ensure they are taken from their daily food allowance.

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