Here is some of the recent good news about our branch. 

#HereForTheCats Appeal

28 April 2020

As a nation, we’ve rarely appreciated our cats more. They’re here for us when we’re feeling worried or lonely, here to distract us and help the days pass and here as a great comfort and source of joy. Our cats are here for us all – please help us be #HereForTheCats, by supporting our Special Coronavirus Appeal and donate now.Our fosterers are continuing to look after cats who will be available for adoption once the current restrictions are lifted. Any donation, large or ...

Buckinghamshire Lottery supports Chiltern Cats Protection

20 April 2020

The Chiltern branch of Cats Protection is one of the good causes supported by Buckinghamshire Lottery. Tickets cost £1 each. 50% goes to your chosen cause (hopefully Chiltern Cats Protection) and 10% goes into a pot for other good causes in Buckinghamshire. There is a weekly draw where the odds of winning a prize are 1 in 50, and the top prize is £25,000. You can find out more about the lottery by visiting the ...

11 year old Sophia raises £208 for Cats Protection

24 March 2020

Over the last year 11 year old Sophia Pluck has raised an amazing £208 for Cats Protection. She did this by making small stress-relieving toys that she sold in school. She also made bath bombs and lavender bags (home grown & harvested) that she sold at the Weston Turville Community Hall when the local a Church had a table top sale. We want to say a huge thank you to Sophia and we look forward to meeting her to say thank you in person once the current ...

Coronavirus message

18 March 2020

Dear supporters, these are extremely difficult times and difficult times mean that some very difficult decisions have to be made. Our response to the COVID19 crisis situation has been outlined by our Head Office. At the core of our approach is looking after our people and the cats they care for. We are postponing all face to face events, including attendance at the Pets at Home fundraising event and our yoga fundraiser next month. All but emergency admissions will be paused at the current time ...