Here is some of the recent good news about our branch. 

Nine Mile Challenge

19 August 2021

This September we are challenging cat-lovers across the country to walk/run/cycle (or travel any way they wish!) nine miles and raise money for Cats Protection. Supporters can do their miles all in one go or break them down across the month, whatever suits them best.​ Registration is now open at: Anyone can register via the website where they will also be able to download some resources including: how-to guide calendar sponsorship forms suggested ...

Hands free homing

19 June 2020

We’re keen to help as many cats as possible, both during the current crisis and beyond. Offering our cats a home will help to free up more space to take in emergency cases. We have put in extensive procedures to make sure that our homing process is in line with current government guidance, without putting adoptees or our volunteers at risk. Here is our guide to adopting a cat using hands-free homing Check you are within a reasonable distance of the Chiltern branch. You can find ...

Buckinghamshire Lottery supports Chiltern Cats Protection

20 April 2020

The Chiltern branch of Cats Protection is one of the good causes supported by Buckinghamshire Lottery. Tickets cost £1 each. 50% goes to your chosen cause (hopefully Chiltern Cats Protection) and 10% goes into a pot for other good causes in Buckinghamshire. There is a weekly draw where the odds of winning a prize are 1 in 50, and the top prize is £25,000. You can find out more about the lottery by visiting the ...