Our New Shiny Branch Van

26 February 2020

We are very pleased to show you our brand new branch van! Our volunteers have struggled with a clapped out van that had been moved around branches for years, and this year we were fortunate enough to be upgraded to this new van. And we absolutely love it!! A big thankyou to anyone who has ever bought from our shop, or come along to our homing shows and donated money, or adopted a cat, I could go on and on...... a huge thankyou to everyone who is reading this, you all help us to raise ...

For The Love Of Cats - A True Success

25 February 2020

Our local branch of Cats Protection has been very busy recently, holding a brand new style of event, based on the historic “Homing Shows,” but with less emphasis on rehoming cats, and more on cats in general. We used the fantastic excuse of Valentine’s weekend, which helped us with ideas for advertising, posters and decorations! A small team of keen volunteers held various meetings, fueled by tea, biscuits and an assortment of pets, and put ...

Rolling Stone Gathers Moss - Blackie's Tale

29 January 2020

Help for the homeless has been a major charitable concern over this miserable winter period – nowhere more so than in our feline-friendly community. Take the case of ‘Blackie’ an elderly cat found living on the streets in damp freezing weather, after being abandoned to the elements when her owners moved home. Suffering a touch of arthritis, Blackie had been kicked out to search alone for shelter and scavenge food wherever possible. The words ...