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Keeping Cats Safe All Year Round

15 January 2017

Following press reports of suspicious cat deaths in the Croydon and surrounding areas, we urge cat owners to take the following sensible steps to help keep their pets safe: Keep cats in during hours of darkness: As evenings are still dark, remember that cats are at increased risk of road accidents after nightfall. Try to keep your cat indoors overnight and time meals to coincide with rush hour to help keep your cat away from busy roads. Ensure ...

What it means to be a Lead Fundraiser

21 February 2016

Since we are still looking for a lead fund raiser, I thought I’d give you a flavour of the role. I first started with Cats Protection as a fund raiser volunteer in 2005. I already was aware of CP because I had adopted two kittens from Rosemary, our lead fosterer, in 1998 (one died in January and the other one is still with us at the great age of 18). I loved fund raising from the beginning and worked closely alongside our, then lead fund raiser, Edna. On ...

Europe-wide campaign to Protect Our Pets

06 October 2015

Europe-wide campaign to Protect Our Pets - please help us by sending e-letters of supportCats Protection is backing a European campaign which will improve feline welfare across the EU by unifying pet microchip databases, making it easier to determine where an animal has come from. Eurogroup for Animals (of which CP is a member) has launched its Protect Our Pets initiative to tackle the illegal pet trade and online sales. Eurogroup for Animals is recognised by ...


15 September 2015

Please can you help us to raise money for the needy cats in our area? All you have to do is to call into your local Waitrose and complete a nomination form for their “Community Matters” project. This is where each Waitrose store selects 3 charities per month for customers to choose to support with the green plastic tokens issued at the checkouts. At the end of the month the store counts up the tokens for each of the charities and shares £1,000...